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Adobe Acrobat Reader

All files available for download require either Adobe Acrobat Reader or Preview (Mac Only).


NRL Player Registration Form and Guidlines/Policy

Updated 2014


Merged Competition Rules

Updated 29/4/09


Coaching Re-Accreditation

All the information regarding re-accreditation can be found here. Download the ARL re-accreditation paperwork, attach photocopy of current card with accreditation number and send to Club Secretary.


Code of Conduct

Updated 2014. NRL Code of Conduct.


Illawarra By-Laws

By-Laws by which The Butchers are governed as a Constituent club.  These By-Laws supplement ARL rules for all aged competitions as part of the Illawarra Division. (Best viewed when downloaded - ie, right-click, Save Link As)


Safe Code of Play

The Safeplay Code was developed to emphasise safety an good conduct within the game of Rugby League.


ARL onfield policy 

ARL on field personnel policy for FAO's and the treatment and management of injured players.


On Field Guidelines

Illawarra Division guidelines of entry to, and remaining in, the playing area.


Coaching Tips

Coaching tips for Mini & Mod teams.


Mini League Rules

Rules for mini footy, 2013 edition.


Mod League Rules

Rules for Mod League, 2013 Edition.


Mod League Overview

Some rules for Mini and Mod, in particular around no replacements within the first period, playing a complete 20 (or 10) minutes and playing up an age group, has been clarified by Illawarra Division during the week (ending 8 June).


Please support your coaches as teams risk loss of points, and the club fines.  If you have any questions, contact your coach in the first instance.


International League Rules

Updated 2013. Rules for 13-16, 2013 Edition.